Universally Applicable TORNADO T1 Rotary Lobe Pumps
T1 Classic Rotary Lobe Pump

T1 Classic Rotary Lobe Pump

La clásica TORNADO® T1 en calidad probada

The universally applicable and individually matched TORNADO® T1 rotary lobe pumps convince with the GSS technology (Gearbox Security System), a spatial separation between pump chamber and gear box. The rotary lobe pumps are insensitive to dry running and are used in applications in the fields of environment & energy, chemicals & paper as well as oil & gas mid-/downstream.

Pump size and specification are precisely tailored to suit the characteristics of the pumped media and the operating requirements. The TORNADO® T1 rotary lobe pump is of optimal design for each application based on the knowledge and experience gained by NETZSCH over many decades of development, design, manufacture and supply of positive displacement pumps into all industries. This experience has founded the development of the NETZSCH GSS technology, which significantly extends operational reliability by physically separating the pump chamber and gearbox. It guarantees the highest level of operational safety through the spatial separation between the pump chamber and the gearbox and thus prevents the medium from ingressing into the gearbox as well as the gearbox oil from ingressing into the pump chamber. Three series with a total of twelve models available provide for flow rate range of 1-1,000m³/h. The standard version of the TORNADO® T1 rotary lobe pump is designed for pressures of six bar in continuous operation. Individual customised solutions are also available for higher pressures.

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Universally Applicable TORNADO T1 Rotary Lobe Pump with Labelling

1 Front Cover
Rotors, cover seal and product seals can be accessed for inspection, service or replacement by simply removing the front cover. Disassembly of the inlet and outlet pipework and pump housing is not necessary.

2 Wear Plates
Abrasion and chemically resistant, replaceable wear plates are fitted both sides of the rotors.

3 Rotors
Straight sided or helical rotors are selected to suit individual application requirements. Rotors are available as bi-lobe, tri-lobe or four-lobe and a wide range of materials is available. The rotor geometry and material are selected for the characteristics of the pumped media. Geometries are available for products which are viscous, abrasive or contain solids. Materials tailored to the media characteristics increase the durability of the rotors and extend service life.

4 Housing Crescents
Modular construction allows for the crescents to be simply replaced should wear occur. Pump life time can be further extended with the option of replaceable crescent liners.

5 Seals
Wide range of product seals and materials are available, which are selected to suit individual application requirements. Seal arrangements include easy access connections for seal quench or flush.

6 Gearbox
The patented gearbox design includes NETZSCH GSS-Technology separating the pump head from the gear box which eliminates cross contamination between the pump media and gear box lubricant.


Presión máx.


Caudal mín.


Caudal máx.


Número de revoluciones


MB-1 8 3 23 800
MB-2 8 4 32  800
XLB-2 6 30 166 550
XLB-3 6 43 235 550
XLB-4 6 60 332 550
XLB-6/2 5 121 604 500
XLB-8/2 5 181 905 500

*Otros tamaños e información técnica disponibles bajo pedido.

  • GSS (Gearbox Security System) technology for long term reliability
  • Extended operational reliability
  • No ingress of the pumped media into the pump gearbox in the event of a product leaking
  • No ingress of pump gearbox oil into the pump chamber
  • Easy access to the shaft seal flushing connections
  • Maintenance without the need to disconnect the inlet and outlet pipework
  • Easy and quick access to the lobes and shaft seals
  • Tolerance of running dry

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